Real Simple Guerrilla Marketing Tactics To Get Ahead In 2022

Experiential Marketing

As a marketer who keeps their finger on the pulse, you’ve certainly noticed a shift in what tactics get results. Long gone are the days of massively successively print ad campaigns or sustainable brand activations from radio spots. To reach ad-averse generations like Gen Z and Millennials, you have to think a little bit differently; That’s where guerrilla marketing comes in. 

Guerrilla marketing is an innovative and unconventional way to advertise to a younger demographic, while saving money on your advertising budget. These strategies take your company to the street level, connecting directly with consumers and fostering long-term valuable brand activations. So, what guerilla tactics will be the most effective in 2022?

Guerrilla Marketing Tactics for 2022

While there are a wide variety of different strategies you can employ, the most effective are tactics related to branded vehicles. Branded vehicles belong to a subset of guerilla marketing known as experiential marketing. This style of engagement brings consumers and your brand closer together by helping them associate your company and services with a positive promotional experience. 

There are several different kinds of branded vehicles that would work for your guerilla marketing campaign, and each have distinct advantages to help you garner long term customers. Make sure to choose a tactic that best aligns with your brand’s image, and what you think will connect best with your customer base. 

Branded Food Truck

Branded food trucks are a cutting edge guerrilla marketing tactic that takes the universally relatable experience of a meal and ties that experience directly to your brand. Potential consumers will enjoy delicious food or beverages served by well-trained brand ambassadors who can guide customers through the benefits of buying your product or services. 

These consumers then connect the positive experience created by your branded food truck and associate it with your product or service. This helps ensure long-term emotional connections between you and your customers.

Glass Box Trucks

Glass box trucks are a type of experiential vehicle that can create an eye-catching mobile display to draw in consumers for further engagement. These trucks can display your product or another product that connects to the service you provide. An example of an effective use of this vehicle would be Zara’s World Pride promotion

Food Truck Promotions helped Zara by filling a glass truck with 9,000 colored water bottles, creating an attention-grabbing rainbow display. They passed the water bottles out, and through the event and subsequent sharing on social media created almost 1 million global impressions for Zara’s brand.

Mobile Pop-Up

Mobile pop-up shops are a modern twist on the classic guerilla marketing tactic, the pop-up shop. Instead of being rooted in a single location, mobile pop-up shops can stop in several areas populated by your key demographic.

Not only that, but while a mobile pop-up shop is in transit it is essentially a moving billboard. Pedestrians will be curious as to what this vehicle is and where it’s going, and that curiosity will create the opportunity for more potential customers.

Where Can I Find an Agency Who Specializes in Experiential and Guerilla Marketing?

If you want the best possible outcome and optimal R.O.I from your guerilla marketing campaign, you’ll want to go with Food Truck Promotions

We’ve helped industry giants like Adidas, Uber, and Chanel with their guerilla marketing campaigns.  These promotions helped establish millions of brand activations as well as a significant increase in potential consumers. Our campaigns are proven to establish long-term connections with customers and help boost brand awareness.

If you want your guerilla marketing campaign to succeed, you’ll want to get started right away. Contact Food Truck Promotions today!

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