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innisfree College Campus Tour

It’s never too early to start caring for your skin, and what better time to establish a routine than during your college years? Innisfree recognized this opportunity and teamed up with us to embark on a six-city college tour, spreading the brand’s message of the power of natural skincare to students along the coast of California.


As the brand is dedicated to sustainability, it was crucial to infuse this ethos into every aspect of the activation. Our Airstream Bambi was wrapped in vibrant green, and the setup featured turf and floral displays – paying homage to the company’s commitment to eco-friendly practices and the prominence of green tea in its products.


Each of the six stops was strategically positioned near a Sephora, enticing beauty enthusiasts from the activation to explore and shop Innisfree in-store. Before hitting the shops, visitors were invited to sample products and take pictures with the life-sized product props. They also received scratch-off cards, offering chances to win exclusive prizes, product samples, and mini floral arrangements, all while savoring Cha Sparkling Green Tea.


The tour attracted an impressive turnout and left a lasting impression throughout its run. Over 3,000 people attended, eager to discover the world of Innisfree, and the online buzz generated over 1 million brand impressions. It’s safe to say the campaign not only met but exceeded its goal of building brand awareness.

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