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Kate Spade

Kate Spade is a well-known, luxury women’s fashion line that has been around for decades. And, when many of your customers are mothers, you feel called to do Mother’s Day bigger, better, and more beautiful: that’s why the brand celebrated the occasion by partnering with us. Together, we were able to put on the most incredible (and colorful) holiday pop-up New York has ever seen.


Our team parked six floral-printed food carts along Broadway in New York City to celebrate motherhood and promote the new Kate Spade collection. The Kate Spade branded food carts were wrapped in a delicate white base with pink, yellow, and purple floral accents to exude the kind of femininity that is iconic to Kate Spade. For the main attraction? Eye-catching flower arrangements surrounding the branded carts before landing in the hands of smiling New Yorkers everywhere.


Five local florists created unique, beautiful bouquets that filled the branded food carts for the special women in our lives, who always show us love and support. Handing out beautiful and complimentary Kate Spade flower arrangements was the perfect way to celebrate the holiday, and more importantly, to remind customers why Kate Spade is so near and dear to our hearts.

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The Kate Spade Mother’s Day holiday pop-up was a tremendous success. Through the creative mobile activation, the brand was able to showcase appreciation for mothers, and at the same time, preview The Spade Flower Shop collection all in one spectacular “visual love letter to the city.” After “Broadway in Bloom,” we are so excited to partner with Kate Spade again and give New Yorkers another experience they’ll never forget.

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