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The luxury coffee brand, Nespresso, is globally known for its high quality coffee and high-tech machines that create perfect espressos and cups of coffee with rich crema, just like skilled baristas right from your own home. But as consumer habits shifted towards online shopping, the value of Nespresso’s boutique stores had gotten lost on its consumers. Nespresso turned to Food Truck Promotions to strategize on an experiential marketing campaign that would reinstate the value of its luxury cafes by driving traffic to their boutique stores across the country to remind coffee lovers of the true essence of drinking coffee: sitting down and taking the time to enjoy it.


Taking Nespresso’s newly launched limited-edition holiday flavors, inspired by Nordic indulgence, we transformed our vintage E-tuk vehicle into a dual mobile showroom and coffee shop pop-up that recreated the enchanting Nordic atmosphere and holiday warmth. The wide range of Nespresso machines we put on display were also used as our sampling systems for the new festive flavors – Cinnamon Swirl, Nordic Black, and Vanilla Princess Cake – to treat passerbyers to a complimentary cup of Nespresso coffee and exclusive giveaways. And with that, Food Truck Promotions hit the road for Nespresso’s first-ever national mobile tour, checking off major cities on the map like New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Miami.


NEW YORK CITY- Parking directly in front of Nespresso boutiques on Prince Street and Madison Avenue, passerbyers were drawn in by the smell of Vanilla Princess Cake brewing and the blissful Holiday warmth that radiated from the truck’s presence. They not only wanted to indulge in a hot cup of coffee on a cold winter day, but they were excited to head into the boutique to enjoy their complimentary tasting and to see what more the store had to offer.


LOS ANGELES- The Nespresso coffee truck arrived in the 90210 bringing excitement and luxury iced coffee to Rodeo Drive to fuel holiday shoppers in the neighborhood. With so many surrounding retail promoting discounts and special offers, there was something to be said about the cozy Nespresso pop-up cafe that attracted a line down the block and brought in new faces to the store. In fact, people who were previously unfamiliar with Nespresso coffee, were now exploring the different machines inside to buy as a gift for their families and friends.


MIAMI- Paintings and sculptures were not the only artwork featured at 2019’s Art Basel in Miami Beach. Food Truck Promotions brought Nespresso’s coffee truck to the scene, showcasing a creative pop-up cafe that offered art you can taste. Art connoisseurs from around the world gathered on the front yard of Collin’s Park, enjoying a cup of Nespresso iced coffee and admiring the creativity that surrounded them.

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Over the course of the six-week mobile tour, Nespresso boutiques were booming with foot traffic. Customers walked out with new machines, shopping bags full of capsules, and a newfound love for Nespresso coffee. Food Truck Promotions created a multi-sensory experience that not only resonated with new customers, but reinforced the appeal of the Nespresso boutique experience for repeat purchasers that online shopping couldn’t give them.

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