Poor Things Film Premiere Pop-Up
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Poor Things Premiere

As the Oscar-nominated film “Poor Things” graced the theaters, we partnered with Searchlight Pictures to create an event worthy of its star-studded cast.


The events took place outside AMC theaters in New York and LA during the premiere weekend, where two tuk-tuks, wrapped in vivid blue hues, were strategically placed to draw people to the movie. Given the bold and colorful nature of the film, we aimed to mirror its energy throughout our activation with floral installations and pedestal baskets reminiscent of the Victorian era in which the movie was set.


The crowd enjoyed Portuguese pastries by the renowned chef Joey Bats and hot chocolate—two snacks that were heavily featured throughout the film. To further immerse attendees in the “Poor Things” spirit, exclusive totes were given out with movie memorabilia and branded sunglasses.


This campaign serves as a testament to the power of out-of-the-box marketing. It demonstrates how adding a tangible dimension to iconic images, typically only enjoyed through sight and sound, can create a significant impact. This unconventional approach left a lasting impression, with over 4,500 servings distributed and 3 million impressions garnered.

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