Miu Miu
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Miu Miu

After Miu Miu unveiled a new signature graphic at the Paris Fashion Show in 2019, they put Food Truck Promotions in charge of creating an engagement marketing activation in New York that would celebrate its revamped look and cater to its young demographic. Miu Miu’s brand embodies two divergent personas: sophisticated and elegant, yet charming and carefree. The question became, how do we merge these dynamic qualities in a way that’s never been done?


It was hardly a question that our vintage E-tuk was a perfectly suited vehicle for this occasion. The uniqueness of E-tuk would allow us to bring out the unconventional spirit of Miu Miu, while fully customizing the exterior to include the brand’s new graphic. Meanwhile, the interior of the vehicle would allow us to explore its versatility: a food truck from which we would serve hot gourmet coffee to New Yorkers passing by, and a showroom to display the Miu Miu’s Spring season handbags.


From branded marshmallows to luxury coffee, Food Truck Promotions brought Miu Miu’s whimsical and quirky character off the runway and onto the streets. This engagement marketing activation created an inclusive environment for New Yorkers of all ages to interact and connect with Miu Miu’s brand story.

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In just one day, the event garnered over 10 thousand impressions, served 2,500 cups of coffee and motivated new handbags purchases. Together, Miu Miu and Food Truck Promotions successfully delivered an engaging consumer experience that maximized foot traffic in one of New York City’s most popular neighborhoods.

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