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Whether or not you’re a fashion connoisseur, there is one thing to know about the French fashion house Chanel: their iconic color red. In fact, it was founder Gabrielle “Coco” Chanel’s favorite lipstick color herself, which inspired the brand’s very first lipstick debut, “Allure Rouge” in 1924. As part of the Chanel’s month-long pop up in New York City, aptly named Le Rouge Chanel, they partnered with Food Truck Promotions to extend the very-red interactive beauty experience from their store and onto the streets, culminating in an all-out rouge holiday wonderland.


This guerilla marketing campaign involved three vintage vehicles decked out in Chanel’s shade of red, parked right outside three of the brand’s most popular stores throughout NYC. Chanel worked with our in-house culinary team to craft a perfect, rich and creamy Hot Coco to entertain guests with a complimentary luxury treat on a cold winter day.


Embellished with holiday lights, red and white candy canes, and white, fluffy marshmallows, Chanel’s Hot Coco trucks created an avant-garde experience that dominated the streets of NYC. The mystique and exclusivity of Chanel’s guerilla marketing campaign attracted many young millennials, whose relationship with brands they know and love is rooted in emotion and engagement.

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The Hot Coco Trucks created lines around the block, with over 10 thousand servings of Hot Coco given out each weekend. The campaign drove over 5 million impressions throughout the month and in the weeks following the event, but more importantly, it cultivated new customer relationships while strengthening existing ones.

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