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When LANEIGE asked us to help promote their Lip Sleeping Mask and Water Bank Collection, a light-bulb went off. Our team thought, what if we customized a double-decker bus to create a multi-level, multi-dimensional beauty pop up where consumers could interact with the brand’s products? Over two months of diligent planning, this big dream was turned into a reality, and what began with a few designs came to life right on the streets of New York City. The results of this branded experience were beyond what we could even imagine.


LANEIGE’s Water Bank Blue Hyaluronic Collection includes a cleansing foam, exfoliating toner, eye cream, serum, moisturizer and more. As its name suggests, this collection focuses on hydration, a central point of LANEIGE’s approach to skin-care. Alongside the launch of this new line, our beauty pop up set out to promote their Lip Sleeping Mask, another high-demand product known to deliver intense moisture and antioxidants for smoother lips in the morning.


In preparation for this campaign, our team knew it was important to utilize the spaciousness of the double-decker bus– the exterior, the interior, and the rooftop floor– to exude all things LANEIGE. On top of vinyl wrapping the vehicle, this meant incorporating an interactive prize wheel, a pink and blue balloon installation, a consultation booth, photo moments, product shelves, a lip-shaped couch backdropped by a decorative candy wall, and much, much more. Each of these props seamed together to create a wholly immersive consumer experience in two popular New York locations, Soho and Herald Square Park.


As a guest, you kicked off the beauty pop up by spinning a prize wheel and winning one of five prizes: a small, medium, or large swag bag, a discount card, or a cleanser duo. You were then handed a prize ticket as you entered the first-level of the bus, designed in all blue to exude the water theme of the Hydration Collection. Meanwhile, the walls added a science-lab feel to communicate the idea that LANEIGE’s products are all well-researched, tested, and legit. Our team even offered a photo-booth moment before an in-depth skin-consultation with one of LANEIGE’s beauty expert! After an educational talk and the opportunity to sample LANEIGE products from our hydration booth, you headed up the colorful staircase to the double-decker’s rooftop floor for a focus on a different product, the Lip Sleeping Mask. 


To match the Lip Sleeping Mask aesthetic, the rooftop was designed in all pink and decorated with giant Lip Sleeping Mask props. Here, guests met with our brand ambassadors to hand in their ticket and receive their prize, branded candy, and product samples all in a LANEIGE gift-bag. Our brand ambassadors were also available to snap cute photos of you and your group sitting on the lip-shaped couch in front of the candy wall backdrop! Once you enjoyed the sun and captured your pictures, you were guided back down the stairs to enjoy the rest of your weekend and your LANEIGE to-go.

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The double-decker bus was the perfect vehicle for LANEIGE’s dynamic beauty pop up, as the two levels of the vehicle gave the brand an opportunity to highlight two different sets of product while also increasing total engagement time with consumers. Getting noticed in bustling spots like Soho and Herald Square isn’t always easy, but thanks to our team’s commitment to executing an admittedly ambitious plan, we were able to leave lasting impressions on 3,000 guests. With so many educational moments, photo-ops, and free goodies included over the course of this three-weekend brand campaign, there’s no doubt that people left knowing exactly what it means to kiss dry skin and chapped lips good bye, and #HydrateWithLaneige.

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