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Gopuff makes your life easier by delivering anything you need right to your door. From groceries and medications to office supplies and pet essentials, Gopuff stores roughly 3,000 products in your area so that whatever you need is just one click away. Following the company’s launch in New York City, they were looking for a way to gain new users efficiently and effectively. This is where our story with the brand begins.


Like us, Gopuff believes in the power of experiential marketing to drive business growth. So along with other digital campaigns and marketing strategies that Gopuff was experimenting with at the time, the company decided to enlist us to put a more personal touch on their brand name that would directly convert into more New York customers. After seeing the success Food Truck Promotions could bring, what began with a single, weekend-long activation turned into months of a partnership. Let’s start from the beginning.


When the app initially came to us to help commemorate their launch in New York City, the creative route our production team took was a no-brainer: we designed a brand activation incorporating two quintessential city vendors, Carbone and Serendipity, that are also available on the Gopuff app. By offering Carbone pasta sauce and Serendipity ice cream, we were able to pull on New Yorkers’ heartstrings and create excitement around all the amazing products people could get delivered to their door in minutes once they downloaded the Gopuff app. People left wondering, what else does Gopuff have in store?


Seeing just how well our first activation went, Gopuff thought, ‘why stop there?’ To continue racking up subscribers, we rewrapped Gopuff’s vintage vehicle and tweaked the initiative to highlight the special partnership between Gopuff and Chase. The new experience revolved around the fact that all new subscribers who signed up for the app using Chase as their default card were awarded a $10 statement credit each month you make a Gopuff purchase! This truck was wrapped in both companies’ logos as well as a winter wonderland design, celebrating the holiday season by handing out hot chocolate to all new subscribers, complimentary of Gopuff Kitchen. 


During the third phase of Gopuff’s guerrilla marketing campaign, the idea was to hit as many New York boroughs as possible, showing that Gopuff really is everywhere. And with so many places New York City has to offer, there was no shortage of locations to get Gopuff noticed. Our truck continued making appearances in Manhattan, and then extended to stop in high foot-traffic locations in Brooklyn, Queens, and Staten Island. Our brand ambassadors amplified the experience by blasting music form the truck’s speakers, and over the course of months, we discovered there was no better way to garner so much attention and have so much fun than with an ongoing guerrilla marketing campaign like this one.

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By the end, our partnership with Gopuff directly resulted in thousands of new Gopuff subscribers. Stationing in high-visibility locations like Pier 17 and Soho, Gopuff and Food Truck Promotions were able to put on a campaign that capitalized on New York foot traffic and brought brand visibility fast. Thanks to this guerrilla marketing campaign, New Yorkers in all five boroughs now enjoy Gopuff delivered straight to their door. 

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