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NYC’s legendary Magnolia Bakery honored its 25th birthday in unforgettable fashion: the store took to the streets via its banana pudding food truck and handed out free banana pudding to New Yorkers all across the city. Food Truck Promotions turned Magnolia Bakery’s vision into a reality, creating the branded food truck of their dreams and executing an activation across two July weekends that made all New Yorkers go, well, bananas.


Food Truck Promotions took the lead in customizing Magnolia Bakery’s banana-themed food truck and was able to hand out over 3,000 cups of banana pudding in different boroughs of New York. Of the many visited locations, the banana pudding food truck stopped at landmarks like The Natural History Museum, Prospect Park, and Gentry State Plaza, and served its delicious banana pudding in limited-edition birthday cups designed by local artist Emily Carpenter and inspired by where it all began, NYC.


As if a few days of free banana pudding on wheels isn’t exciting enough, attendees also had the chance to enter to win banana pudding for an entire year. Just the possibility of a year’s supply of banana pudding from Magnolia Bakery was that extra detail to drive more buzz and excitement around the event, and Food Truck Promotions made it happen. All you had to do was scan the QR codes located on the banana pudding truck, on brand ambassadors’ lanyards, or on top of each banana pudding cup and cross your fingers.

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An overwhelming number of people from all demographics lined the block, eager to receive their free banana pudding and ‘snap a pic’ for Instagram with the iconic Magnolia Bakery banana pudding truck. To paint a picture, on the first day in Madison Square Park, the set 500 portions were handed out within only the first 30 minutes. This level of engagement was proof that together, Magnolia Bakery and Food Truck Promotions met their goal in celebrating Magnolia Bakery’s 25th birthday by promoting their brand in a new and immersive way. No one could even just pass by the banana pudding truck without remembering that banana pudding is a dish made best by Magnolia Bakery.

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