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Arizona Iced Tea logo


Everyone loves Arizona Beverages, and that means Arizona Fruit Snacks had big shoes to fill before their official launch. In order to create the same level of devotion around their new product, the brand turned to the Food Truck Promotions team to put on a creative promotion that would persuade all of New York City that their fruit snacks were just as unique and delicious as their beverages. Of course, what we came up with was nothing short of a nine day product launch activation that had the whole city buzzing.


The Arizona Fruit Snacks product launch activation lasted nine exciting days and took place across different busy areas in New York. These locations included NYU, Flatiron, Gantry Plaza, Central Park, Columbia, and Domino Park. Wherever the truck and trike stopped, the two customized vehicles were sure to exude all things Arizona: Arizona’s eye-catching logo, their new delicious fruit snacks, and the classic baby blue checkered pattern and pink accents that Arizona is so well-known for. 


The two experiential vehicles stopped in heavily foot-trafficked areas to hand out delicious fruit snack samples that would get New York City excited about the product launch— but free Arizona Fruit Snacks on-site wasn’t all that this activation had in store for New York City. We took the product launch to the next level by giving one lucky person a full year of Arizona. All you had to do was scan the QR code on the flyers, enter your name and phone number, and one lucky entrant received a text saying they won everything favorite flavor of big cans, fruit snacks, and a t-shirt their size.

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By branding two unique vehicles to make their way around New York City, Food Truck Promotions was able to get the word out about Arizona’s product in a way that was truly special and interactive. The city in the summertime is full of attention-grabbing activities, but nothing has left an impression on the streets of New York like Arizona’s nine day product launch activation. Arizona Fruit Snacks certainly made a name for itself, serving thousands of samples and connecting with thousands of customers, both new and old.

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