K9 Natural
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K9 Natural

K9 Natural gives your pets only the best. From dog treats to coat oils, the brand is unquestionably committed to spoiling your furry friend. Within K9 Natural’s range of products is their newly launched dog milk, the perfect supplement to your dog’s diet. To spread the word, the brand’s product managers came to us looking for a creative way to get their dog milk in the hands of pet owners in Los Angeles. What we came up with was a mobile activation in the sunniest and most animal-friendly locations in LA. The product launch plan included creative messaging and interactive elements that together formed a comprehensive marketing strategy to foster a successful product launch.


K9 Natural’s product launch took place in three quintessential LA destinations: Abbot Kinney, Melrose Trading Post, and 3rd Street Promenade. By parking a branded food truck in these popular areas, team members were able to reach an extraordinary number of dog walkers and pet owners and show them that the best way to express love for their furry friend is by feeding them K9 Natural’s milk— with, of course, irresistible free samples. Food Truck Promotions handed out thousands of K9 Natural’s Milk bottles on-site, effectively creating new brand-to-consumer relationships and leaving a lasting impression around the new product launch. What pet owners came to learn is that with ingredients like Omega 3, lactose-free, and non-artificial milk, K9’s product really is bottled love. 


As exciting and effective as free samples are, we knew this wasn’t enough to make a top-tier product launch and had to stray from the standard template. That’s how our product marketing team eventually landed on the marketing strategy to integrate a ‘kissing booth’ as part of the customer experience. By creating an interactive photo booth, we were able to increase not only the quality and quantity of consumer engagement but also drive up the product launch’s presence in the digital space organically, without the use of personas or influencer marketing. Guests were encouraged to snap pics with their pet and show K9 love on social media, which meant a wider reach for the brand. This form of engagement marketing proved to be an excellent tool in creating a more all-encompassing brand experience to bolster brand awareness organically. Using an experiential marketing strategy that encourages emotional connections and memorable experiences with helped K9 connect with their target audience in a meaningful way, building brand loyalty and helping to foster high-quality conversions over time.

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Hitting three different locations, Food Truck Promotions was able to help K9 Natural get its product in the hands of over 3,000 new customers in just three days. Guests gained exposure to K9 Natural’s new product, as well as the overall brand. Because of the lasting connections and brand loyalty that interactive product launches like these foster, the next time a guest thinks about where to buy their pet food, they’ll think of K9 Natural. Traditional marketing efforts and digital marketing with email campaigns are just one piece of the sales metrics puzzle, and live events like this are excellent examples of experiential marketing campaigns that can take your brand to the next level of customer loyalty and engagement.

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