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Alpha Foods is dedicated to opening people’s minds to the benefits of plant-based food options without creating any pressure or labels that often come with choosing meat-alternatives. The plant-based brand recognizes a fear many of us have: if you call yourself a vegan, or if you simply forgo meat every once in a while, will you somehow end up charging our crystals in the moonlight and writing slam poetry about transcendental meditations? Alpha Foods partnered with Food Truck Promotions to launch a food truck product sampling activation that showed the answer is no— consuming less meat doesn’t need to come with baggage or a new personality, and it can actually be surprisingly delicious.


So, how did Alpha Foods and Food Truck Promotions communicate the message that plant-based food can be tasty, hassle-free, and no cause for an identity crisis? We fully customized a food truck and turned it into a product sampling food truck pop up to create buzz around the brand’s delicious vegan options. We visited seven different college campuses across Los Angeles and New York, including NYU, Cornell, Columbia, FIT, Fordham, USC, and UCLA. College students had the option of choosing between breakfast sandwiches, spicy maple BBQ chick’n nuggets, chick’n fajita burritos, or steak ranchero burritos, all of which were meatless and mouthwatering.


As they waited for their food, guests had the opportunity to sign up and enter for a chance to win a fully stocked Alpha Foods freezer. All they had to do was scan the QR code, sign up, and hope for the best! What’s more? They had the chance to snap a pic with the Alpha Foods branded photo frame and post it online using the #AlphaOnTour hashtag. This extra interactive element made all the difference, helping drive brand awareness of Alpha Foods in the digital landscape and taking the product sampling activation to another level.

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This product sampling campaign garnered thousands of impressions and helped communicate Alpha Food’s main message: you can change your diet for the better without changing your routine or sacrificing flavor. By getting their delicious plant-based products into more hands of college students nationwide, Alpha Foods not only turned heads, but they turned vegan skeptics into new, long-term consumers. 

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