Stuart Weitzman
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Stuart Weitzman

For its first ever vintage-inspired sneaker launch, the DARYL, Stuart Weitzman took its Soho boutique store and transformed it into a DARE TO DARYL weekend-long pop-up takeover. They asked Food Truck Promotions to customize an iconic food truck that would drive in-store traffic and create an immersive pop-up experience surrounding its limited-edition sneaker customization program.

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Stuart Weitzman Street Marketing Promotion Example
Stuart Weitzman Daryl Shoe Launch
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Dare to Daryl

Naturally, we turned 118 Spring Street into a block wide event with all eyes turning to a blue Stuart Weitzman branded ice cream truck parked outside the brand’s boutique store. Fans lined the street to indulge in a complimentary scoop of Van Leeuwen ice cream, featuring 13 different flavors inspired by the DARYL’S eye-popping palette. The DARYL came to life in all forms: custom menus displaying ice cream and sneaker options; unique sequin art installations; and music inspiring impromptu dance-offs while flashing your new kicks.

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Stuart Weitzman Food Truck
Sneaker Pop Up NYC Stuart Weitzman The Daryl Sneaker Launch Example
Stuart Weitzman Van Leeuwen Marketing Promotion
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Your Daryl, Your Design

Stuart Weitzman stylists and DJ Anessa Kay greeted those who dared to go inside, where they could mix and match 13 different sneaker colorways and 10 exclusive premium laces crafted by Aglit Italy to find their favorite pairing. For an added personal touch they had the chance to customize their sneakers with complimentary hand drawn graphics illustrated by local female artists.

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Stuart Weitzman Engagement Marketing NYC Example
Stuart Weitzman ice cream menu.
Stuart Weitzman Promotional Truck
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Food Truck Promotions helped Stuart Weitzman double its sales goal over the course of the weekend by bringing in over 6,000 consumers in attendance and 20 fashion influencers from around the world. Together, Food Truck Promotions and Stuart Weitzman elevated the concept of a basic sneaker through a food truck pop-up and customization program that celebrated the infinite combinations for individual self-expression.

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