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Booking.com Ice Cream Truck

Booking.com offers all kinds of hotel deals, but none quite as sweet as an overnight stay in an ice cream truck. To celebrate National Ice Cream Day, Booking.com turned to our team to transform a food truck into a fully-functioning ice cream-themed hotel that would be offered for an overnight stay in New York City. We thought, well, Anything is Popsicle. 


Creating the Booking.com hotel meant gutting the interior to make space for a queen-size waffle bed, end-of-bed custom bench, custom-built bookshelf dresser, a freezer stocked with pints of ice cream, and an all-you-can-eat toppings bar. Adorned with a retro Hamilton Beach milkshake mixer, ice cream sundae bowls, and a chrome straw dispenser, the idea was to transport guests to a vintage ice cream parlor. We topped off the truck with a life-size ice cream cone fastened to the roof that made heads turn in the heart of Union Square, NYC.


In spirit of the holiday, the mobile hotel allowed two lucky guests to stay overnight for the price of $7.18 on 7/18. The next morning in Union Square, the truck opened up to the public, serving Japanese Matcha, Tahitian Vanilla, Chilean Corn Cream, and Italian Blood Orange ice cream, flavors from travel destinations around the globe. 

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In total, Booking.com’s National Ice Cream Day celebration was able to excite thousands of New Yorkers, hand out over 500 ice cream servings, and receive attention from media outlets like Forbes, Thrillist, and Time Out, making for more than 5M impressions worldwide.

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