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MAËLYS logo.

MAËLYS Cosmetics

Feel good, look fabulous. MAËLYS Cosmetics prides itself on clinically proven body solutions, from thigh firming cream to brightening body serum, and their philosophy is simple: it’s ok to just want to look hot. However, finding a way to deliver your brand’s message– even if it is that simple– isn’t always as straightforward. That’s where we come in. Discover how we helped communicate the MAËLYS brand in an interactive and creative way, using the experiential marketing approach.  

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MAELYS archway and lemonade for House of Bod pop up.
MAËLYS branded truck.
MAËLYS free slushies from branded truck.
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Launch in ULTA Stores

Specifically surrounding their launch in ULTA, MAËLYS was looking to drive in-store traffic by finding an interactive and memorable way for consumers to fall in love with their products. So, we stepped in to produce an elaborate and widely successful beauty pop up in the heart of Soho, New York. 

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MAËLYS branded truck and free lemonade with scratch-offs.
MAËLYS vanity wall.
MAËLYS archway.
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The Experiential Touch

Our first step was wrapping and branding a food truck in ‘MAËLYs-pink’ and serving complimentary pink lemonade to match the aesthetic. For additional brand leverage, our team went on to add other unique, immersive, and attention-drawing features that worked together to create the ultimate beauty pop up experience. Of these custom fabricated elements was an eye-catching archway, product sampling stands, a branded hard wall, scratch-offs for special prizes, sidewalk graffiti, and more! Keep reading to learn more about the consumer’s point-of-view throughout the House of Bod pop up. 

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MAËLYS scratch off.
MAËLYS House of Bod pop up product sampling stand.
MAËLYS sidewalk graffiti.
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House Of Bod Pop Up

While waiting in line, guests were handed scratch-offs for the chance to win free merch, full-size products, and up to $500 in ULTA Beauty gift-cards along with their free lemonade. Once you walked through the decorative archway, you had the opportunity to speak with MAËLYS ambassadors and sample an assortment of products, including the B-Flat, B-Tight, and B-Thicc creams. Then, at the truck window, you redeemed your special prize  and pink-lemonade! We topped off the MAËLYS fun by setting up a vanity wall for guests to opt into a lottery: all you had to do was snap a mirror-pic, tag #fortheloveofbod and @maelys_cosmetics, and post it to your story for the opportunity to win the ICONS bundle worth $199! 

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MAËLYS scratch-offs.
MAËLYS prize offering at House of Bod pop up.
MAËLYS brand ambassador interacting with beauty pop up customer.
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Ultimately, the brand experience succeeded in its goal to push consumers into ULTA stores where they could purchase more of their MAËLYS favorites. With all of the creative elements sown together, plus the opportunity to sample products in real time, there was no ignoring the brand’s fun and flirty ethos. And thanks to the extra touch of sidewalk graffiti, even if you looked down you couldn’t miss MAËLYS! 

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