Spindrift ‘Greetings from Paradise’
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'Greetings from Paradise' by Spindrift

Picture this: a scorching NYC summer, where the subway is a steam room and a beach getaway is all you can dream of. Spindrift, the pioneer of sparkling water made with real fruit, had a stroke of brilliance—why not bring the tropics to the city? Thus, ‘Greetings from Paradise’ was born, a captivating glass truck pop-up that whisked New Yorkers away from the concrete heat and into a refreshing, sensory oasis.


Spindrift’s mission was to transport people to a tropical paradise, so in partnership with Small Girls PR, we brought their vision to life. The mobile pop-up was meticulously crafted to engage all five senses, aiming to recreate the ambiance of a lush, nature-inspired escape. Every aspect was carefully considered, designed to make you feel like you had stepped out of the bustling city and onto a tranquil island. 


Stationed right in front of the Broadway-Lafayette subway, Spindrift’s vacation playlist played in the background while a cool breeze from the AC mimicked a sea breeze. Guests enjoyed a can of Spindrift at the sampling bar by following them on social media, while VIPs and press had access to a 20-minute mocktail tasting session at the Tiki Bar. Each visitor received a Polaroid photo as a keepsake and could send a pack of Spindrift to a friend or family member via postcards.


The summer activation resonated deeply with New Yorkers, providing a much-needed break and showcasing Spindrift’s creative approach to engaging with their audience. It left a lasting impression while invigorating city dwellers!

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