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Bondi Sands Beauty Pop Up

Bondi Sands is an Australian beauty brand that captures the light and breezy Aussie lifestyle in their everyday products. To bring higher awareness around the brand in the US, Bondi Sands decided to put on a mobile pop up shop that would showcase one of their many amazing beauty products in New York City: the 1 Hour Self-Tanning Foam. Read on to learn how we were able get their self-tanner in the hands of so many new potential consumers on the bustling corner of West Fourth St and Broadway.


Bondi Sands’ 1 Hour Self-Tanning Foam leaves you hydrated and glowing with every application. And better yet, the product comes vegan and cruelty-free, so you never have to feel guilty for looking so good. With all of this in mind, Food Truck Promotions’ goal was to create as many new Bondi Sands Self-Tanning Foam users as possible. How? By employing an experiential marketing approach that would leave an impression as lasting as people’s tans.


Our mobile pop up attracted thousands of new potential consumers. More importantly, though, we made sure to craft the activation experience so that the Bondi Sands brand would actually resonate beyond just that moment or day. Once our branded vehicle caught people’s attention organically, guests were instructed by our brand ambassadors to scan the QR code, sign up for the loyalty program, and then receive their free sample bottle and application mitt to take home on a rainy day. After all, there’s nothing like a gray February sky to remind you that there are other ways to get the color you want.


This wasn’t all. Along with the complimentary Bondi Sands 1 Hour Self-Tanning Foam and application mitt, the Bondi Sands Tan Van also acted as a mobile café, offering complimentary Aussie coffee from Bluestone Lane. And to further emphasize the Bondi Sands brand, we added custom latte art to every cup that made for a perfect Insta-worthy moment.

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Bondi Sands came to Food Truck Promotions not only to create general international brand awareness, but also specifically to get their 1 Hour Self-Tanning Foam in as many new potential customers’ hands as possible. With our help, the brand was able to do just that, by cultivating an experience that created excitement in-person as well as on social media. Thankfully, the overarching result of this beauty pop up was that the brand reached thousands of new American consumers and successfully showed off their self-tanning foam, just as we had planned.

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Self-Tanner Samples