Milk Makeup Hydro Grip Pop-Up Cart
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Milk Makeup Hydro Grip Pop-Up Cart

Makeup melting? No sweat, Milk Makeup has you covered. The brand teamed up with FTP to help New Yorkers ‘get a grip’ on the summer heat with their Hydro Grip collection, designed to keep your makeup on lock for up to 12 hours.


We brought their iconic product to the streets with a food cart pop-up serving icy treats that created the perfect oasis for an NYC heat wave. Each flavor not only mirrored the collection’s vibrant hues, including blueberry and lime, but they were also made with real-fruit to match the brand’s commitment to clean and vegan beauty.  Guests refreshed with these custom-made Italian ices and received mini Hydro Grip sprays and branded fans to keep cool while waiting in line.


Influencers and media received surprise PR mailers, adding a touch of exclusivity to their posts. Over two days across prime locations, the Hydro Grip pop-up cart served up 2,000 servings and samplings, creating unforgettable moments that generated over 2 million brand impressions. The activation successfully beat the heat and cemented Milk Makeup’s reputation as a summer beauty essential.

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