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Christian Louboutin

Christian Louboutin has a way of amazing the world with their seemingly effortless and clean designs which, over the decades, have placed them at the forefront of the fashion industry. In 2021, Christian Louboutin partnered with Food Truck Promotions to show that the most fabulous way to enjoy crêpes and coffee is in a pair of Christian Louboutin red-bottoms.


There’s hardly a need to remind people of how timeless, transformative, and transcendent Christian Louboutin is in the world of fashion, but by partnering with our team, Louboutin found an innovative and interactive way to do just that. Parked in front of their store on Horatio St & Washington St, the Chez Loubi mobile pop-up served both sweet and savory crêpes and delicious coffee that enticed New Yorkers to browse their collection.


It goes without saying that New York is a city full of excitement, but even so, there are few things that have stood out on the concrete jungle’s streets more than Christian Louboutin’s bright red mobile crêperie. Because of this promotion, Christian Louboutin was able to give New Yorkers of every age and background a taste of world-class French fashion, and food, via a branded vintage vehicle they’ve never seen before. Expectedly, their store was left packed with excited customers ready to reach in their wallets and show their undying love for Louboutin.

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Christian Louboutin is about as renowned and well-loved as a brand can get. With the help of Food Truck Promotions, they were able to create their very own mobile pop-up shop that reminded all of New York how instrumental they have been over the years, and show all the ways they are still innovating and shaping the years to come. As far as this Christian Louboutin pop-up goes, let’s just say, 1,000 servings of crêpes and coffee is worth 1,000 words.

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