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Zara WorldPride

In honor of Stonewall’s 50th anniversary, NYC hosted WorldPride 2019, marking the first time the global Pride celebration was held in the United States and in the same location where the modern movement began in 1969. Zara wanted to participate in this historic event and support the LGBTQ+ community in a big way. They came to Food Truck Promotions to create a branded pop-up right at the heart of the Pride parade that would amplify their message and encourage the spread of #pridelove through plenty of photo moments and social sharing.


Food Truck Promotions transformed a three-sided glass truck into a 3D Pride flag made up of 9,000 colorful water bottles, sponsored by the company JUST water. We lined the truck with a rainbow selection of flavors, ultimately building a dynamic Pride flag that no one could ignore. It was bold, colorful, and became the ultimate hydration station to keep cool while we all celebrate pride.


On a hot summer day, cold water is JUST what everyone needed. Brand ambassadors, decked out in Zara apparel and bright colored accessories, stood outside the truck handing out free waters and inviting attendees to celebrate with Zara. Attendees not only hydrated in style, but they got their bright on by staging photoshoots in front of the iconic rainbow truck, which made for the perfect backdrop for social posts to go viral.

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Zara gave out a total of 9,000 water bottles in just 6 hours, clearing every bottle inside until the glass truck was left with nothing but 3 transparent windows. The Pride parade generated a crowd of over 150,000 marchers in New York, but Zara’s branded pop-up garnered over 1 million impressions worldwide.

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