Mobile Marketing Tours

What Are Mobile Marketing Tours?

Mobile marketing tours are a series of experiential marketing events that activate at multiple locations, allowing you to engage with new and existing customers face-to-face. Held in public areas such as festivals, stadiums, malls, city streets, and more, mobile tours can take place anywhere, year round.

The summer months are particularly popular, as you can capitalize on increased foot traffic as people venture outdoors. Although these tours can be executed using various platforms, the most popular choice is branded experiential vehicles, thanks to their functionality and transportation capabilities.

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Benefits of Mobile Marketing Tours

As our dependence on digital media continues to grow, and the online landscape becomes increasingly saturated, mobile marketing tours emerge as an exceptional way to break free from the noise and truly stand out.

These activations strategically place your brand directly in front of consumers, allowing them to experience it like never before. By bringing your brand to new audiences in diverse environments, these events naturally boost engagement and organically increase brand awareness.

Crafting a Successful Mobile Marketing Tour

Be mindful of your location

• Choose locations that align with your target audience and have ample foot traffic to increase exposure.

• Factor in accessibility, visibility, and necessary permits for each tour location.

• Be mindful that permitting and parking regulations vary between cities.

• Account for distances between stops and allocate sufficient travel time.

Build buzz around the tour

• Establish a compelling brand message to center your mobile tour around.

• Develop activation strategies that align with and enhance your brand.

• Generate excitement by promoting the events on social media before, during, and after.

• Harness the power of brand ambassadors for authentic brand education.

Prioritize proper staffing

• Secure and train on-site staff, including drivers, brand ambassadors, and chefs/servers.

• Hire professionals for each role to allow you to focus on other priorities.

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