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Put Your Brand on the Map With the Best Experiential Marketing Agency in New York

Event production is no easy feat, especially in the hyper-competitive marketing landscape of New York City. Thankfully, Food Truck Promotions has the creativity, vision, and industry experience to bring your brand to the streets of NYC through full-scale experiential marketing services.

Whether you’re a small startup in Soho or a high-profile corporation in Midtown, you can use our agency’s experiential vehicles to produce immersive pop-up shops, brand activations, product launches, and guerrilla marketing campaigns that communicate your brand’s ethos and leave lasting impressions on your target audience.

Although other forms of marketing are important, like say, digital and content marketing, Food Truck Promotions believes that nothing elevates a brand quite like an in-person event.

With a team of experts who live and work in NYC, Food Truck Promotions has its finger on the pulse of the experiential strategies that are sure to make your brand stand out from the crowd.

Why We Love New York

New York City has been at the forefront of our culture since as early as 1860; still today, New York is where trends are set in fashion, music, values, and food, which makes it the perfect destination for a brand activation that’s equally as cutting-edge.

From the competitive dog-eat-dog nature of Wall Street to the artsy scene of Brooklyn and fashion-forward SoHo, New York is full of niche neighborhoods that make the perfect platform for a brand in any industry to make a statement with experiential marketing.

It certainly helps your marketing strategy that New York City is the most populated metropolis in the US, with over 3x the population than the next biggest city. With over 7 million people at your fingertips, a single pop-up here can make a tremendous impact. This, combined with the walkability of the city, makes it the optimal place for a brand activation.

If that’s not enough, NYC has absolutely no shortage of street corners or live events, from trade shows and conferences to festivals and parades, for your brand to utilize as an attention-grabbing pop-up location.

The city forces you to raise the bar and meet a certain standard, which is something you can accomplish alongside the best experiential marketing agency in New York City. Keep reading to learn about our past success stories!

Our Work

Experiential Marketing Ideas in New York

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    Park a vintage truck in the ultimate shopping playground, Hudson Yards, and drive traffic to your storefront.

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    Let consumers get a taste of your brand with a sampling event in the Flatiron District, near famous celebrity chef restaurants.

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    Make the Empire State Building, New York’s most famous landmark, the backdrop of your campaign with a mobile pop-up in one of the most iconic areas of Manhattan.

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    Connect your brand with the epitome of “luxury” by taking it to 5th Avenue as an immersive pop-up experience.

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    Step outside and take a step back from Manhattan by producing a mobile showroom in Brooklyn’s eclectic, yet relaxed Greenpoint neighborhood.

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    Partner with an influencer or celebrity to get more pop-up visibility on social media.

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    Drive traffic to your Soho boutique by setting up a mobile café outside your storefront.

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    Show off with a mobile billboard in the heart of Times Square during the Holiday season.

Your Marketing Plan

Our team of experiential marketing experts understands the exciting marketing opportunities in New York City. Using our years of experience, we can let you in on some important considerations to make when you’re thinking about your experiential marketing strategy.

Multi-stop vs. single-stop.

You could spend the day getting “lost in New York” or just pick a neighborhood and enjoy all it has to offer. With multi-stops, your activation can target multiple locations, each with its own personality. Or, you can set-up shop in one area and give consumers more time to immerse themselves in your campaign.

New York is a melting pot.

New York’s diversity makes it a mosaic of cultures and ethnicities. When you launch an experiential marketing event, you can reach multiple consumer demographics quickly and easily, but make sure you do your research to know which exact spots you want to target, given your consumer base.

Time of the season.

When planning your campaign, it’s important to take New York’s seasonal weather into consideration. Why not use a cold winter day as an opportunity to warm consumers up with complimentary cups of hot cocoa? On the flip side, summer is the perfect time of year to beat the heat with refreshing scoops of ice cream.

Working With the Best Experiential Marketing Agency in NYC

Our team of experiential experts has what it takes to understand the exciting marketing opportunities abound in New York. Come work with the best experiential marketing agency in NYC

Bring Your Brand To The Streets of New York City.

New York thrives on its reputation as the epicenter for diversity, business, and creativity. As an experiential agency born right here in New York City, we know better than anyone how to meet the city’s standards with unique brand experiences.

From mobile showrooms and pop-ups to branded food trucks and guerrilla marketing campaigns, Food Truck Promotions uses complete customization and full-service project management to execute world-class campaigns tailored specifically to your brand.