Shaka Tea Food Truck Handing Out Free Shaka Tea Bottles
JUST Egg Food Truck Plant-Based Egg Sandwiches
Junior's Cheesecake Food Truck Line
Bacardi Holiday Pop Up

Holiday Pop Up

Celebrate the holidays in Times Square with a branded glass truck, billboards, flashmobs, pedicabs, and celebrity guest appearances that amplify your brand name. Bacardi is the perfect example of how your branded vehicle can act as a mobile billboard, a mobile showroom, and a holiday pop up store all in one.

Forager Product Sampling

Plant-Based Product Sampling

Words like ‘vegan’ and ‘plant-based’ can split the room— so how do you get everyone on board with your revolutionary and tasty product? By handing out thousands of complimentary samples on a product sampling mobile tour, like the amazing Forager Project.

Arizona Product Sampling Truck

Product Sampling

Bring your new product line to popular neighborhoods and hotspots by handing out a high-volume of complimentary samples all over NYC from your very own branded vehicles.

Nespresso E-Tuk On Mobile Tour

Mobile Tour

Take your brand’s newly launched, limited-edition coffee flavors on a mobile tour like Nespresso. Our vintage Tuk Tuk vehicle doubles as a mobile showroom and pop up shop, making it a perfect vehicle to make a statement across the country.