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Enhance Your Experiential Marketing Strategy With Event Marketing

Event marketing is a highly-coveted strategy that works for all industries. Whether attending an event or hosting one, event marketing is an integral part of the experiential marketing universe designed to inspire, educate, captivate, and entertain.

From conferences and trade shows, to workshops and VIP events, brands always have a specific goal when it comes to measuring an event’s success: entertain and excite attendees, while tapping into new business from potential customers.

With creative/collaborative planning, full-scale project production and logistics, on-site event management, and data-driven metrics, experiential marketing agencies like Food Truck Promotions understand today’s buyer-empowered world and why businesses need to seize every opportunity to foster better relationships and earn consumers’ trust.

What is Event Marketing?

Event marketing is an experiential strategy marketers use to promote brands, products, or services, generally with in-person events or real-time, digital engagement. By marketing at events, businesses can build trust and loyalty, develop meaningful relationships, drive sales, and much more, through direct communication and contact. Email marketing and social media can serve as a gateway, but a strong event marketing strategy will ensure a lasting impression is made with your event attendees and target audience.

Aside from increasing dramatically in popularity over the past decade, this marketing strategy has become an integral part of a successful marketing strategy because it builds brand awareness, increases consumer engagement, and educates new and potential customers. Most importantly, event marketing allows your brand to standout in a competitive and crowded marketplace.

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How Event Marketing Can Help Your Brand


These large-scale events make up a considerable percentage of the events industry. From hosting live speakers and influencers to educational workshops and more, these events balance a professional environment with an exciting, social atmosphere.

Trade shows and expos

Present new products and services from a variety of brands. Popular in today’s experiential marketing culture with festivals like SXSW and Coachella, brands use these events to bring conversations to life with innovative and interactive experiences.

VIP events

Focus your strategy on your most influential consumers with exclusive (and one-of-a-kind) experiences designed to amplify brand loyalty and nurture long-term relationships. This type of event will have a more narrow reach but will appeal to a loyal, recurring demographic that will continue to play a part in your event marketing plan.


Allow brands to give consumers the chance to get up-close-and-personal with them in a temporary environment that’s truly immersive. Your next event could include a wellness studio offering complimentary yoga classes inside a branded, glass box truck that will be sure to out-perform virtual events or webinars.

Workshops and masterclasses

An extension of conferences, but instead of just “talking” to consumers, they're treated to a hands-on experience. These events educate on a highly personal level and generate excitement to bring consumers into your storefront location or website and build sales.

Insights and Tips for Event Marketing

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    Your event should represent who you are as a brand. When hosting an event promotion, make sure your overall message is front-and-center. The primary landing page for your event website should send a clear message about what potential attendees will experience with your brand.

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    Pick a unique location for your event. It’s worth stepping outside your comfort zone if it means your event will be more memorable and a non-traditional location is primed to entice and intrigue consumers.

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    Measure specific goals for your event. Do you want to increase sales? Drive traffic to your website? Are you aiming for lead generation among the potential attendees? Knowing what you want for your event’s success will help you get there.

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    Think beyond your in-person audience. Not everyone can attend your event, but that doesn’t mean you can’t influence them. From content marketing strategies like YouTube videos to press releases, it’s always a smart marketing move to create shareable content that will help amplify your event.

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    Include interactive, emotional elements that will surprise and delight your target audience. Live events should be focused on engaging your audience to build long-term brand awareness rather than passing relations on LinkedIn or through digital marketing campaigns.

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    Get consumers excited about your event by promoting its exclusivity to generate buzz for a limited-time opportunity they won’t want to miss. Consider adopting a hashtag that represents your event for the additional social media buzz!

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    Consider the logistics. No matter how engaging your event is, your guests will remember poor management of the basics more than anything. From event registration to post-event meet and greets, make sure the event runs as smoothly as possible!

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Event Marketing Makes Lasting Impressions

Enhance Your Experiential Marketing Strategy With Event Marketing

Whether your goal is to boost sales, capture new clients, or strengthen existing relationships, event marketing drives success. And, the possibilities are nearly endless because there are so many ways to offer a deeper level of emotional connections with consumers. Impress your guests with keynote speakers, thought leadership, and engaging promotional events from sponsorships and your brand alike.

Experiential marketing agencies like Food Truck Promotions can bring your brand directly to your target audience with creative events strategies that leave a lasting, brand-focused impression on consumers long after your campaign’s over. With one-of-a-kind promotions, your brand has the ability to directly engage with your target audience through exciting experiences that are sure to transfer into memorable moments and build customer loyalty

Event marketing is an experiential strategy marketers use to promote brands, products, or services, generally with in-person events or real-time, digital engagement. Using this strategy businesses can build trust and loyalty, develop meaningful relationships, drive sales, and much more, through direct communication and contact.

Pricing for event marketing range depending on the marketing activations length, vehicle choices, customizations, and staff but companies can expect a starting budget of $10,000-$40,000.

Food Truck Promotions can be the show stopper you need to stand out at any event with our unique vehicles and experiential marketing acumen. Click the "Get In Touch" button above and we'll be sure to provide you with information tailored to your event.