Branded Props

Custom Product Display Wall

Product Display Wall

We build product display walls for anything you want to flaunt to consumers. Whether you’re a beauty brand like Rose Inc, looking to display your new moisturizer, a shoe retailer interested in showing off a limited-edition sneaker line, or a women’s accessories brand launching their new handbag collection, we help your company put their best foot forward.

Branded Props and Fabrication

Branded Games

Take the experiential element of your mobile activation to the next level through a branded game build-out like Iann Dior. By creating a space for potential consumers to do something like shoot hoops or toss a hacky sack, you open the door to promotional prizes that make it easy for guests to fall in love with your brand.

Custom Prize Wheel

Interactive Giveaways

Give your branded promotion that extra flair by creating an interactive giveaway like, say, a prize wheel of fortune. Interactive giveaways like these cultivate stronger brand to consumer relationships by creating the excitement of winning complimentary items through a truly immersive experience.

Alpha Foods Branded Prop Picture Frame

Picture Frames

Bring your activation to the digital space by implementing exciting photo moments into your activation flow. Branded picture frames are noteworthy because they encourage social media coverage of your event that is organic and interesting, resulting in an overall wider reach. 

Interactive Sequin Art

Art Attachment

Branded props can mean anything from interactive sequin art and branded mirrors to floral walls, candy machines, and anything else that amplifies your brand promotion. Simply share with us what creative concept you have in mind, and we can make it happen. 

Outdoor Seating

Outdoor Seating

Look at your vehicle as the backdrop of your branded activation by adding completely unique elements to the surrounding areas. Why not set up outdoor seating to give guests a chance to enjoy your food offering, while also increasing the amount of time and exposure they get with your brand?