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‘Real estate made simple’— that’s been the goal since Compass’s birth in 2012. Are you looking for new office space? Ready to move into your first home? Thinking of selling a property? Whatever it is, Compass ensures that every aspect of the buying, renting, and selling process is seamless, just for you. Read on to discover the integral part that Food Truck Promotions played in celebrating the people who have contributed to the company’s success over the last decade.

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Compass Branded Food Truck Adorned For The Holidays
Compass Food Truck Pop Up NYC
Compass Food Truck
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Customized Just for Compass

Compass partnered with Food Truck Promotions and created its very own branded food truck to show employee appreciation. To Compass’s liking, the vehicle was designed in the company’s sleek and simple colors, black and white, and included their slogan across the side and back: “Your home. Our Mission.” And because this moment for employee appreciation took place during the holiday season, the truck was even adorned with festive pine garlands, making the event warmer and more inviting to company employees, as well as every New Yorker lucky enough to stumble upon the branded food truck.

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Coffee On Compass Branded Food Truck
Coffee On Compass Truck
Coffee On Compass Employee Appreciation
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'Coffee On Compass'

The branded vehicle stopped at different office locations in Manhattan, Queens, and Brooklyn, serving the beverage that represents the kind of productivity and energy within Compass’s company culture, as well as every New Yorker’s favorite drink: coffee. ‘Coffee on Compass’ offered everything from hot coffee and cappuccino to lattes and espressos, proving once more that every employee– and every kind of coffee drinker– deserves to feel acknowledged and valued. ‘Coffee on Compass?’ ‘Yes, please.’

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Coffee On Compass NYC
Compass Real Estate Branded Food Truck
Compass Real Estate Employee Appreciation
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With Food Truck Promotions by their side, Compass’s goal of showing employee appreciation was executed to perfection. After all, nothing says ‘we love you’ quite like a delicious cup of free coffee served from a one-of-a-kind company branded food truck. And by keeping their coffee truck open to the public, Compass experienced the added benefit of having hundreds of New Yorkers interact with their brand in an interpersonal way. Compass’s branded food truck attracted a huge crowd in all of the different NYC locations which speaks to how resonate this kind of exposure really is, largely thanks to Food Truck Promotions vision and attention to detail.

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