Why Event Marketing Vehicles are a Smart Move

Experiential Marketing

Forget conventional marketing campaigns. If you want your brand to be noticed, take a look at why event marketing vehicles are the right choice to maximize the impact of your next experiential activation. 

Event marketing vehicles create stand-out, multi-sensory, brand engagement experiences and are a great platform for brands to activate on-the-street, branded sampling, demos, and events. 

With a variety of options at your disposal (and to fit your specific needs), event marketing vehicles can bring your brand directly to the people with one-of-a-kind experiences, that generate valuable content for social media as well as create meaningful audience engagement.

Event Marketing Vehicles

Take Your Show on the Road

Event marketing vehicles offer the opportunity for brands to showcase their products (and themselves) on-the-street, close to events, inside festivals and trade shows, and directly where their target audience is. 

They provide an optimal opportunity to reach potential new customers, cultivate brand loyalty, and generate tens of thousands of brand impressions across traditional and social media. 

During Stonewall 50 – World Pride NYC, apparel retailer Zara and responsibly-sourced water company JustWater partnered to celebrate the event with a colorful, event marketing vehicle to attract attendees. 

Transforming a three-sided glass truck into a customized mobile showroom displaying a 3D Pride flag assembled from 9,000 multi-colored bottles of JustWater, Zara’s event marketing vehicle kept festival-goers hydrated with its rainbow selection of complimentary beverages. And, Zara and JustWater’s experiential marketing campaign translated into success online, with over one million impressions on social media worldwide.

Zara World Pride NYC Truck

Which Event Marketing Vehicle is Right for You

There are several types of event marketing vehicles, each with their own unique benefits depending on your brands goals, budget, and needs:

1. Mobile Showrooms

Mobile showrooms offer a fantastic opportunity to let your audience get an inside-look at your brand with see-through glass walls. Mobile showrooms work well with outdoor events requiring an enclosed space for a dedicated brand experience. Fitness start-up P.volve recently used a mobile showroom to bring their brand to life with a glass-wall, mobile showroom and fitness studio across Manhattan.

2. Step-Vans

Step-Vans are food-truck style vehicles and a great option for outdoor deployments requiring a preparation space for product sampling. For the 2019 Women’s World Cup, Twitter customized a food truck to promote the advancement of the U.S. Women’s National Soccer Team. The food truck stopped at 20 marketing agencies over the course of three days in New York City, serving 6,000 guests with sparkling lemonade, French fries, and a chance to win prizes. Twitter created a one-of-a-kind experience drove buzz around the team’s success through digital content, culminating through the use of hashtags and tweets. 

3. Airstreams

Airstreams are an American classic and a show-stopping, branded-backdrop, perfect for your next activation. Fashion designer Ralph Lauren has tried his hand at an eclectic mix of side-ventures, from “Ralph’s Coffee” to, more recently, “Ralph’s Hot Dogs.” At the brand’s flagship store on New York’s Upper East Side, a Christmas-themed Airstream trailer was stationed, providing hungry shoppers with a selection of “Ralph’s Hot Dogs” and “Ralph’s Caramel Corn.” This two-pronged approach of promoting their “street eats” to a built-in audience already shopping at their store created an effective marketing strategy.

Tips and Tricks to Launch Your Event Marketing Vehicle

There are plenty of ways to ensure when you invest in an event marketing vehicle, you’re getting your money’s worth. But, there are a few key takeaways to keep in mind.

Before booking an event marketing vehicle, make sure you partner with an agency with proven experience. From planning and permits, to experiential staff and insurance, researching and hiring the right agency is crucial. 

Also, your brand’s activation continues long after the “day-of” event. Make sure your goals are clear and what “success” looks like to you. Choose the right metrics to track, whether it be “return on investment” (ROI) or “click-through rate” (CTR), and understand how those metrics will be measured. 

Merging a distinctive marketing strategy tailored to your brand’s needs with data and KPIs (key performance indicators) to measure success using hard numbers, is a sure-fire way to keep the conversation going long after your event is over.

Transform Your Next Experience With Event Marketing Vehicles

By bringing your brand to the streets with an event marketing vehicle, your brand creates a customized,  unforgettable, in-person experience. When you think outside-the-box, you have access to a non-traditional platform that cuts through the noise, makes you noticed, your message heard, and leaves lasting impressions with not only your most loyal customers, but new ones as well.

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