How Technology Is Changing How We Treat Unique Street Marketing

Experiential Marketing

With the world of tech growing exponentially, new technology has revolutionized the way we connect with new customers. While more common tactics are falling by the wayside, unique street marketing strategies allow for brands to stand out amongst the pack.

If you want your brand to survive in this competitive business landscape, you’ll want to understand just how important technology is to various forms of unique street marketing.

What is Unique Street Marketing?

Unique street marketing are novel forms of traditional guerilla marketing strategies. These traditional marketing strategies can be as simple as putting up posters, passing out flyers, or commissioning art displays bearing your brand’s name. While these strategies can be effective, they rely on outdated methods of customer connection. As our society enters the technology age, so must our marketing.

How Does Technology Play a Role?

Unique street marketing uses every new form of media at our disposal to advertise a guerilla marketing promotion. Cutting edge marketing tactics like experiential vehicles not only use modern tech to design a customer experience, but ensure high-levels of foot traffic through social media promotion.

These vehicles, along with other forms of experiential marketing, are only possible through the advancements we’ve made in modern technology. Innovative service displays, interactive product demonstrations, social-media boosted promotional events, none of these forms of unique street marketing would be possible without these new kinds of technology. It’s these new advancements that make unique street marketing one of the most effective ways to grow your brand’s image. 

What are the Most Effective Forms of Unique Street Marketing?

One of the best ways to ensure your brand garners those valuable activations, and converts promotion attendees into long-term customers, is with experiential vehicles. This type of unique street marketing involves several different variations, including branded food trucks and mobile pop-up shops. So what do these promotions entail?

Branded Food Trucks

Branded food trucks are a way for your brand to connect with customers through the universal language of food. By setting up a positive environment where you identify an issue (hunger) and offer a solution (food), you subconsciously establish your brand as a problem solver.

 As brand ambassadors help facilitate this connection, customers begin to associate your brand with those good feelings. Using technology like QR-codes to gather more information, these ambassadors hook the customers in with free samples and special promotions. Before you know it, you have a stream of new long-term customers from a single promotional event. 

Mobile Pop-Up Shops

You’ve probably heard of pop-up shops: these temporary store fronts allow customers to experience a brand’s product or service, while allowing them to feel the exclusivity that a limited time promotion offers. Well what’s more exclusive than a store-front that will be gone by the end of the day?  

Mobile pop-up shops offer the feeling of a traditional pop-up, while allowing you to pick out several spots populated by your key demographic. Not only that, but as your promotion moves through a city, the noticeable branding will act as a moving billboard. Think of how many activations you could get from just a few stops!

Where can I find a high-tech experiential marketing company that specializes in unique street marketing?

Food truck promotions are the leading marketers in the experiential marketing industry. Our unique street marketing tactics have helped big name businesses like Chanel, Adidas, Arizona Ice Tea, and Dior successfully advertise their brands. Our specially designed promotions  help brands personally connect with their key demographic, and create long-term and lasting activations. 

Your brand has something to offer the world that no other company does. Don’t let the public miss out on the benefits of your product or service, and contact Food Truck Promotions today!

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Five Reasons Why Branded Food Trucks Help You Stand Out

Experiential Marketing

Food is a powerful tool that captures the hearts and minds of consumers. Coca-Cola is credited with being the first brand that launched experiential marketing way back in 1886, turning the scrappy upstart into the global brand synonymous with the word “beverage” it is today. 

With branded food trucks consumers take notice, giving you the upper hand in a competitive marketplace by adding flavor to your experiential marketing campaign. 

Let’s look at the five reasons why branded food trucks can help you stand out, so you can connect with your audience and leave a lasting (and tasty) impression.

Adidas Nite Jogger Branded Food Truck

1. Branded Food Trucks Are Mobile

Branded food trucks aren’t ordinary billboards. They’re a megaphone for your brand, broadcasting your message loud and clear, anytime and anywhere. 

Unlike static or shared spaces, branded food trucks spread awareness and cut through the noise of your industry’s competitive marketplace, whether along one city block or across a multi-stop, nationwide tour. 

Plus, with the help of highly trained brand ambassadors who’ll share their passion for your business with consumers your message is amplified even further.

2. Branded Food Trucks Are Cost-Friendly

Compared to other forms of experiential marketing and advertising, branded food trucks are affordable and a cost-friendly way to get noticed. Depending on the scope of your activation, the starting cost to launch a branded promotion is $15,000. 

Aside from having a completely customizable, mobile marketing platform that broadcasts your brand to thousands of consumers, when you work with experienced professionals you also get peace of mind navigating the complexities of permitting and logistics, ensuring your truck is in the right place to reach your target audience.

Twitter Branded Food Truck

3. Branded Food Trucks Are Versatile

From Fortune 500 companies to small businesses alike, branded food trucks are a one-stop shopping marketing method that reaches consumers, expands target audiences, and interacts through a personal approach. 

What also makes them so unique is their versatility. Having access to sites generally inaccessible when hosting a traditional marketing event, branded food trucks can be stationed in multiple locations where foot traffic is high and/or pull-up in populated city centers. 

Simply put, branded food trucks have the unique capability to access consumers where they work, live, and play, broadening your brand’s horizons while also increasing visibility and awareness. 

4. Branded Food Trucks Are Customizable

Think of your branded food truck as a blank canvas, just waiting for your personal touch to make it your own. Your activation or campaign has the potential to perfectly align with who you are. All it takes is a little customization with options like:

  1. Custom, vinyl wrapping – from logo stickers to partial or full wraps.
  2. Interior and exterior fabrication – like interior commercial-grade kitchens and exterior panel boards/signage. 
  3. Branded goods and packaging – that let your consumers take a piece of your brand home with them.
  4. Custom menus – that are curated by an in-house, professional culinary team.
  5. And more!

With the average food truck ranging between 18 – 24 ft. long and 8 ft. wide, once you’ve selected the right truck for your needs you can be as creative as you want with a team of designers and technicians working to bring your imagination to life.

Forty Carrots Bloomingdales Branded Food Truck

5. Branded Food Trucks Means Powerful Engagement

It’s no secret. We love food. Whether we’re eating it, taking pictures of it and posting them on social media, even experiencing it; we’re living in a culture where food reigns supreme. 

Branded food trucks are a channel for experiential marketing campaigns where all five senses are engaged, creating multi-sensory engagement for consumers. From pop-ups to sampling tours, branded food trucks can go where you want, turn heads, and satisfy customers’ appetites for experiences that are both memorable and unique. 

The Ultimate Experiential Marketing Vehicle

As hyper-competitive as today’s experiential marketing landscape is today, brands need to shine now more than ever if they want to capture a slice of the consumer marketplace. 

Fads come and go, but branded food trucks give your business an edge like none other. Mobile, cost-friendly, versatile, customizable, and engaging, they incorporate all of the senses and captivate audiences with experiences that generate personal and meaningful connections. 

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