Creative Technology in Experiential Marketing

Experiential Marketing

These days, the bar for crafting a memorable brand experience is higher than ever. Gone are the days when a simple ad boosted impressions. Consumers want brands to find new and creative ways of delivering experiences that resonate with them. Enter the magic of creative technology in experiential marketing.

Creative technology offers tools to connect with consumers in exciting ways. Whether VR or interactive photo experiences, integrating creative technology into brand experiences opens endless audience engagement opportunities. Not sure where to start? Check out these three innovative and successful examples in New York City.

Creative Technology for Experiential Marketing

What is Creative Technology?

The average consumer sees creative technology every day. But, it’s such a normal part of our world, they may not even realize it when they see:

  • Motion sensors when they approach a kiosk to start a transaction. 
  • Using smartphones at a store to scan QR codes for coupons or more information on a product.
  • Going to a restaurant and using a tablet to look at menus and place an order.

Creative technology takes digital design and media and creates multi-sensory experiences that transport consumers into a world that excites and engages.

Mastercard Helps NYC Commuters Travel Smarter

When marketers use creative technology, we think of digital experiences that blow audiences away. But it’s also a way for brands to educate consumers about their products and services. 

Mastercard recently launched an engagement marketing activation introducing its Tap & Go™ contactless technology. For New Yorkers, commuting can be stressful. Mastercard let them see how easy their commutes can be with just a simple tap. 

Using trained brand ambassadors and branded food trucks to pique consumers’ senses and interest, Mastercard stationed experiences at three New York subway stations. Participants were invited to watch a contact kiosk checkout demonstration to see the simplicity of using Tap & Go™. They also received free Metrocards, and snacks made by award-winning New York chef JJ Johnson.

H&M’s Smart Mirrors Merge High Fashion with High Tech

Retailers are struggling to survive against the domination of eCommerce. That means using creative technology that offers consumers things that won’t find online.

H&M wanted to launch an in-store experience for shoppers and used its location in New York to test smart mirrors that served as virtual personal shoppers. H&M’s smart mirrors were deployed to create a seamless shopping experience that combined voice and facial recognition.

Customers were able to use voice commands to take selfies that integrated with H&M’s catalog to give outfit suggestions in real-time. If customers liked what they saw, they could order their new looks from H&M’s website using a QR code.

The Daily Show’s Interactive Political Satire Wins Big at Cannes

The Daily Show has built a successful brand based on biting political satire. In 2018, the Comedy Central program took its topical humor on the road by blending it with a digital art installation.

Poking fun at former-President Donald Trump’s now-defunct Twitter feed, The Daily Show curated a museum’s worth of his infamous tweets and put them on display in several cities around the U.S.

The show’s use of mobile, interactive creative technology was so popular, it won a Grand Prix at that year’s Cannes Lions Festival.

Build Your Brand Bolder and Better With Creative Technology

The best way to maximize the success of your experiential marketing campaign is to understand your audience. Who are they? What are their interests? What tactic will engage them best? Most of our lives revolve around the use of various technologies. That’s why so many brands are using creative technology to separate themselves from the rest. Successful brands understand using digital technology means they can make their dreams a reality. With the help of creative technology, they can connect the dots between brand awareness and audience engagement.

Get Creative with FTP

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