Top 5 Cities For Your Summer Mobile Marketing Tour in 2023

Experiential Marketing

Brands know that experiential marketing is invaluable, which is why in recent years, mobile marketing tours have boomed in popularity. Companies across all industries have discovered that mobile marketing tours can serve an array of business goals, such as driving brand awareness, delivering eye-catching PR stunts, strengthening existing relationships with consumers, and so much more. As summer comes around, the nice weather makes it the perfect time to visit cities nationwide.

But, before your brand can hit the road in a marketing vehicle, you need to decide which cities are best suited for an effective campaign. As experts in the industry, we know first-hand that choosing brand activation spots is one of the most crucial parts of planning a mobile marketing tour. 

So without further ado, here are our top five city recommendations:


At the very top of the list is New York, New York.

In terms of population and density, no city in the US can compete with the “Concrete Jungle.” Hitting NYC on your mobile marketing tour will guarantee a significant reach for brands in all industries. One of the many perks of choosing NYC as a tour destination is that it’s the most diverse city in the US, so you will undoubtedly connect with whoever your target audience is, whether that be young single women in their 20s, artists, higher-ups in finance, vegans, the LGBTQ+ community, dog-walkers or athletes.

One important thing to note is that when you partner with an experiential marketing agency in NYC, they can help you choose neighborhoods based on specific demographics and also help you navigate iconic spots like Time Square, Soho, 5th Avenue, and the WTC. Their market knowledge is invaluable in this bustling city of 8 million people.

Special Recs: Herald Square, SoHo 

Summer Events: Governors Ball, New York Pride, Electric Zoo


Because Chicago is home to some of the harshest winters in the US, this Midwestern city is a prime location to visit during the spring and summer months. With the extreme and anticipated change in weather, there is never a lack of foot traffic when it finally gets warm out. Bustling streets open the door for your brand to produce an activation that resonates with your target audience. Not to mention, Chicago is the third largest US city by population, so you’re guaranteed to have a massive reach when you choose this city as a summer mobile marketing tour spot. 

Special Recs: Michigan Avenue, Wrigley Field, Lincoln Park, Lakeshore Path

Summer Events: Lollapalooza, Chicago Pride 


Next, there’s Los Angeles: home of celebs, influencers, and the newest trends. Where better to stop on a mobile marketing tour than in a city that is all about innovating, creating, and pushing boundaries? Many brands choose to bring their brand to LA because they know that LA is home to whatever’s next: if your brand can make an impression here, it’s only a matter of time until the whole country is talking about your brand or products. There’s also an abundance of locations that make perfect activation spots, such as Venice Beach, Santa Monica, and West Hollywood! 

Special Recs: The Grove, Venice Beach, Melrose Trading Post 


Though located in California, San Francisco provides different marketing opportunities than LA because the culture and demographic in this northern city is so distinct. While LA is known as the entertainment capital of the US, San Fran is famous for its booming tech industry, significant LGBTQ+ community, and sizable Asian demographic. Stanford University is also located nearby in Palo Alto, which means you can target Gen Z and college campuses when you head to the Bay Area too. So as a mobile marketing tour stop, you reach a significant and particular audience when you stop in SF!  

Special Recs: Civic Center, Golden Gate Park


Austin is one of the fastest growing cities in the US, drawing people in with its lively nightlife scene and picturesque parks and landscapes. This city makes a particularly effective mobile marketing tour location when brands are targetting young audiences and/or people in the tech industry. Keep in mind, too, that Austin has pretty agreeable weather year-round, so while summer is an excellent time to hit multiple cities across US, your brand can head to Austin year-round.

Recs: Rainey Street, 6th Street, Zilker Park 

More Information on Summer Mobile Marketing Tour Locations

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