How to Host a Trendy Pop-Up Shop Event in Your Neighborhood

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As a kid, did you and your siblings or friends ever set up your own lemonade stand? If the answer’s yes, then believe it or not, you already have some experience in hosting a pop-up shop event. Well, ok, pop-up shops are much more sophisticated than a ten year old’s lemonade stand, but they’re still inextricably linked to the old practice of setting up in a public location in the morning, interacting with customers, and packing away in the evening. So, if you want to host a trendy pop-up event in your neighborhood, just combine that old tradition with some new tools, and there you have it.  

What is a Pop-Up Shop Event?

Pop-ups are more than fashionable, “apparently spontaneous,” or transient events; they offer significant potential for increasing brand awareness, and anyone who has hosted their own knows that they require significant planning and effort. It’s worth noting, too, that when you talk about ‘pop-up shops,’ you’re really talking about something as broad as a ‘party’ or a ‘conference.’ They come in many different forms, depending on the occasion and objective. 

Pop-up shops came into popularity only a decade ago, and they’ve become crucial brand awareness platforms in all industries, from tech to fashion to art to hospitality; today, marketers spend up to $600 billion on brand activations.

At their most effective, pop-up shops offer people passing something unusual and exciting on somewhat familiar grounds. But, as everyone who has attempted to perfect the casual look knows, pulling off an extraordinary event with a sense of spontaneity about them requires a lot of planning, ironically enough

Define Your Goals

Write down your goals: this cannot be stressed enough. Doing something as simple as this can help you immensely, helping you prepare, stay on track, and execute your pop-up event.  It also aids in client retention and lead generation.  

Who doesn’t want to know if they achieved what they set out to achieve? When you have pre-defined goals from the get-go, you can easily refer back and evaluate your success in the end. One or more of the following goals should be the focus of your pop-up shop event: obtain new clients, boost brand awareness, provide an outclass customer experience, and conduct market research.

Create A Standout Concept

You can choose the ideal event theme by assessing your goals. It also acts as a guide for determining what style of the pop-up store to open, what materials to buy, and how to advertise it once it’s up and running. Rather than sacrificing your idea to accommodate a location, select a location that matches your theme. 

Whatever your event concept may be, just make sure your identity and concept are obvious, engaging, and support one or all of your event goals. The beauty of the pop-up idea is that you don’t have to offer your goods or services directly. It might be as basic as putting on public activities.

For example, consider TULA Skincare, a popular influencer beauty brand, which held a pop-up event in Dallas to promote one of its newest products. The tropical-themed event had lots of balloons, a manicure station, and a beautiful background for photos that created a lifetime experience for the guests.

Choose Your Pop-Up Shop Venue

Okay, now that you have a great concept and a defined framework, start looking for good locations, and maybe more crucially: places you don’t want to be in. Think about where prospects work, chat, dine, and unwind when picking an event location. If you’re selling tickets, the uniqueness of the experience is a factor in how much they’ll pay. Following that, it’s preferable to provide special bargains or bonuses to entice new clients. 

When you have decided on a location, things start to get tricky. How much room is needed? Is it an indoor or outdoor event? Seated event? Try putting somebody with a knack for logistics on your team so they can help you! If this is a solo-project, you may seek advice from professionals, which is to say, us. We’d love to learn more about your next pop-up. Simply tell us what type of venue you want, and we’ll provide you with some fantastic possibilities for how to host a pop-up event. 

Don't Go Solo - Collaborate On Your Pop-Up Shop

Consider a pop-up collaboration. Is it necessary? Absolutely not. But, collaboration is a great idea and adds to the enigmatic nature of your event. A co-branded and hosted event can have a bigger reach and appeal.

In other words, people are more inclined to make an effort to attend or stop at your pop-up if they realize it’s a one-of-a-kind, limited collaboration.

Spread The Word With Creative Marketing

There’s no denying that social media is vital for spreading the word and generating interest. So, in the weeks leading up to your event, come up with a catchy hashtag that would grab attention, create mysterious social media posts, and keep them wondering!  

Invite bloggers and influencers to your pop-up event because they have a large following who will become aware of your event. And they will introduce you to a new target audience you may not have considered previously. This might expand the scope of your marketing activities far beyond the event. 

Word-of-mouth is a great way to spread your name swiftly. Create an extraordinary experience for your guests because you want them to talk about your event when they leave, don’t you? 

Also, don’t overlook other types of conventional offline marketing. For example, leave flyers and leaflets at places where your target audience is saturated because you want to attract potential customers. 

Lastly, reach out to folks who cannot attend your event in person. Provide visually appealing images as well as a succinct, relevant hashtag. If you’re going to live stream, make sure your images are distinctive and eye-catching, and test them on mobile and laptop devices.

Set A Budget

The best way to proceed is to be forthright with a real budget early on because our bank accounts are not limitless as our imagination. Making a budget beforehand will assist you in determining where to rent, as well as the price of the ticket, food, beverages, and items. It facilitates and simplifies decision-making. 

Due to the transient nature of pop-up shop events, it’s impossible to accurately estimate the finances. However, it would be favorable to start by making an objective to break even.

Wrap Up

The importance of planning cannot be overstated. So, plan, doublecheck and doublecheck the doublecheck. Good research is also an element of planning. So, when are you hosting your trendy pop-up shop event in your neighborhood?

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Want help executing your pop-up shop? We’ll take your brand to the streets. Learn more about us and contact us today!

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