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In this blog, we will walk through some of the best examples of guerrilla marketing campaigns of 2022. With some examples, we hope to give you and your brand some inspiration for your next product launch, test marketing activation, and more. But first, we have to learn what, exactly, guerrilla marketing is.

What is Guerrilla Marketing?

In a broad sense, guerrilla marketing campaigns are the use of unconventional and experimental ways to increase sales or attract interest in your brand. These methods are also typically more cost-friendly and incorporate more personal interactions that are useful for creating meaningful connections with consumers. 

More specifically, a guerrilla marketing campaign can mean anything from street art, flash mobs, publicity stunts, and viral videos. Though all of those specific approaches are different from one another, what all of these tactics have in common is that they reach consumers in ways that are wholly unique and distinct from traditional marketing practices, and perhaps less of a financial burden too. It’s a form of event marketing that relies less on the financial backing and planning involved of hosting an event while capitalizing on the possibility of entertaining a crowd and connecting them to your brand.

Why Use Guerrilla Marketing?

Guerrilla marketing is an excellent way to create meaningful relationships with your consumers, and there are many reasons why it might be attractive to your brand.


Let’s say you’re a well-established brand like Chanel or Ralph Lauren. Regardless of how big of a household name your brand is, there’s always room to innovate and reach your target audience in ways that you haven’t before. That’s why you might employ guerrilla marketing tactics, like using a floating barge billboard in the Hudson River or having twenty models dress up as a certain character from your premiering TV series, to create a slightly- or radically- different impression on consumers than you have in the past. 

Whether you’re looking to restructure or transform your brand voice, or simply to extend your brand to people in a different way, then guerrilla marketing is a great option for you.


On the flip side, what if you’re an up-and-coming brand with less notability than the two brands mentioned before? If you’re looking to really get your name out there, then guerrilla marketing campaigns are also an excellent way to accomplish that goal.

Especially in a world where everyone is fighting for the digital space and pouring their focus into online advertisements, guerrilla marketing really cuts through and gets you noticed by taking a niche and more resonant approach.

Top 3 Best Guerrilla Marketing Campaigns of 2022

Now let’s get into some of the best guerrilla marketing campaigns of this year so far! 

1. JUST Egg

JUST Egg enlisted us to transform one of our food trucks into a millboard that ‘drove’ their message about climate change around Washington D.C. This promotion included witty menu designs, calls to action, and an exterior build-out that left people wanting to do more for their planet by consuming JUST Egg’s tasty alternative to meat and dairy products. 

This guerrilla marketing campaign was an effective way of reaching the vegan and vegetarian community while uplifting others to join in limiting their meat consumption with JUST Egg.  And, of course, it was a great example of guerrilla marketing. What better way to maximize Earth Day than by using one of our experiential vehicles to resonate with your consumers and the future of our planet? 

2. Amazon Music x Bad Bunny

Amazon Music and Bad Bunny had a similar vision to JUST Egg in wanting to use a guerrilla marketing tactics for the Puerto Rican phenomenon’s album drop, ‘Un Verano Sin Ti.’

Instead of simply spreading the word online, they came to us. Deciding they wanted to hand out complimentary Puerot Rican ‘helado,’ they thought: how better to do it than handing out branded ‘Un Verano Sin Ti’ cups from a vehicle branded in album art in New York City and Chicago? 

An immersive, in-person marketing experience like this one garners a lot of attention, and this promotion was no exception. As a result of reaching fans in new and unexpected ways, there’s no doubt Bad Bunny earned himself more streams and fans.  

3. Travel Texas

How do you get New Yorkers to visit Texas? By giving out complimentary Texan food during National BBQ Month and having your guests scan a QR code to visit the Travel Texas website.  Travel Texas is a company that helps tourists find a variety of activities to do and attractions to see in the Lone Star State.

In order to drive traffic to the website, Food Truck Promotions branded a vehicle and served up delicious complimentary briskets on a NYC street corner. Outside of the truck, people could enjoy their food on the branded seating areas to have an even more immersive experience.

As Travel Texas put it, ‘It’s not May, it’s BBQ Month!’ 

Get Your Campaign Started

After looking at these three amazing examples of guerrilla marketing campaigns, we hope that you’re inspired. If you’re looking for someone to help you kickstart your guerrilla marketing campaign, FTP has you covered! Learn more about us and contact us today to get started!

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