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Hit the Road With Mobile Marketing Tours

Mobile marketing tours are incredibly effective in introducing a brand to new consumers and even strengthening relationships with existing consumers. And with our reliance on digital media greater than ever before, smart brands know it’s even more critical to find ways to reach new audiences and excite consumers. Mobile marketing tours are your answer for increasing brand awareness and boosting engagement, anywhere and anytime.

But, unforgettable mobile tours are only as successful as the planning that goes into them. So, let's hit the road with a closer look at how we can put your brand in the driver's seat of maximizing success.

What Are Mobile Marketing Tours?

Mobile tours are experiential marketing events that are activated in multiple locations, cities, and states, over an assigned period of time.

Held in public areas like festivals, concerts, fairs, stadiums, malls, parks, on city streets, and other locations, mobile tours can take place anytime of year; with summer being the most popular season given the higher concentration of consumers spending time outdoors.

And, mobile tours can take place on nearly any platform, with branded experiential vehicles being the most popular due to their functionality and transportation capabilities that deliver full-scale production with ease.

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Inside a
Mobile Tour

Nothing is more powerful than experiential marketing on the move. To get a better idea of what to expect, let’s take a look inside a mobile tour’s journey. There’s no “one-size-fits-all” approach to marketing. Carefully look at the best way to get in front of your audience with a mobile tour concept that reflects who you are by:

1.Choosing the
right vehicle

Truck 1
Truck 2

A food truck has a commercial kitchen perfect for feeding crowds, while a tuk-tuk’s charm delights, when space is limited. Pick a vehicle that meets your needs and stands out!


From unique wrap designs and branded packaging to interior/exterior decorations and accessories like photo booths, art displays, LED signs, and more, let your imagination fly with full-scale custom fabrications.

3.The tour

With mobile tours your brand can launch a variety of activities in different cities, each with their own unique flair. Match your event with the distinctive personalities of your locations.

City 1

Los Angeles

Maximize your reach with holiday product sampling on Rodeo Drive. With locals and tourists outside, take advantage of the warm weather and give consumers a taste of the perfect gift.

City 2

San Francisco

Showcase your innovative and original spirit with B2B marketing in Silicon Valley and sell your products and services to both cutting-edge tech start-ups and blue-chip corporations.

City 3


Festivals are popular for event marketing and none are as famed as Chicago’s Lollapalooza. Leverage a VIP experience targeting consumers into earned media that reaches far beyond your physical location.

City 4

New York

With millions of followers, influencers can promote your mobile tour to a wide audience. Harness their celebrity with guerilla marketing that surprises fans in New York’s busy Times Square.

5.The Results

Your mobile tour’s only as good as its results. But, how do you measure success? Leveraging data and analytics can help you laser focus on the ROI of your campaign:


With millions of followers, influencers can promote your mobile tour to a wide audience. Harness their celebrity with guerilla marketing that surprises fans in New York’s busy Times Square.


From social media reach and coverage by traditional media, to in-person interactions and feedback, successful engagement means increased traffic, leads, and sales.


Can you convert those impressions and engagements long-term? Successful C-T-As? More social media follows? Higher sales? The actions consumers take after will illustrate your mobile tour’s effectiveness reaching its goals.

Road Road

Considerations When Planning a Mobile Marketing Tour

1. Location

Look for locations that are unique and exciting. But also consider accessibility, visibility, permits needed, foot traffic, and whether you’ll be able to successfully reach your target audience in each location.

2. Branding

What messaging will your mobile tour need to complement your brand’s goals? The right experiential marketing agency will help you implement branding across the board that’s consistent and effective.

3. Staffing

Choosing the right staff for your mobile tour is necessary. Whether drivers, brand ambassadors, chefs, or servers; a professional team allows you to focus on other priorities requiring your attention.

4. Engagement

Engage with consumers throughout your mobile tour. Start a hashtag campaign to drive buzz, have your brand ambassadors host giveaways, and follow-up on networking you’ve done/connections you’ve made.

Insights and Tips for Mobile Marketing Tours

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    Have a clear idea on the goals of your mobile and how you will measure its success.

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    Develop activation strategies for your mobile tour that are compelling and brand-centric.

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    Set a budget that encompasses all necessary and incidental costs.

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    Secure required permits, licenses, and insurance, which will vary from city to city.

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    Research and scout locations you would like to host your mobile tour in and compare them to how popular they are with your target audience.

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    Choose your experiential vehicle(s) that can accommodate your mobile tour’s activation and logistical needs.

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    Secure and train on-site staff for your mobile tour (i.e. drivers, managers, brand ambassadors, assistants, etc).

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    Don’t rush! Allow enough time to prepare between pre-production and the launch of your mobile tour.

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    Consider the distance between each stop on your mobile tour and allocate ample travel time in between.

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    Put a premium on promotion before, during, and after your event to leverage excitement and engagement.

Mobile Marketing Tour Examples

Take a Journey and Grow Your Brand With Mobile Marketing Tours

Mobile tours reach consumers nationwide and create excitement and engagement at every stop. Brands have the ability to be present where they target audience lives, works, and plays. With live, in-person experiences, mobile tours give brands the advantage of capturing consumers with connections that are deep, emotional, and lasting.

From full-scale planning and logistics, to on-the-ground execution and measuring success throughout, agencies like Food Truck Promotions will bring your brand to life with experiential marketing solutions that can be heard loud and clear. Experiential marketing agencies like Food Truck Promotions can bring your brand directly to your target audience with creative events strategies that leave a lasting, brand-focused impression on consumers long after your campaign’s over. With one-of-a-kind promotions, your brand has the ability to directly engage with your target audience through exciting experiences that are sure to transfer into memorable moments and build customer loyalty