Branded Food Trucks

Branded Food Trucks Will Get Your Business Moving

Looking to launch an experiential marketing campaign that can go anywhere, anytime? How about an activation that turns heads and draws a big crowd? Or, an event that satisfies hungry appetites?

Whether you’re hosting a brand activation, grand-opening for a storefront location, immersive experience, or guerilla marketing pop-up, branded food trucks reinforce what makes your brand unique while breaking through the noise to heighten exposure and awareness that’s next-level.

From rentals and customization, to full scale project management, and highly-acclaimed vendors, experiential marketing agencies like Food Truck Promotions offer everything you need to help expand your brand.

What Are Branded Food Trucks?

Branded food trucks are a type of mobile marketing vehicle used to showcase your brand’s products and services, draw attention and crowds, and give your customers a taste of your brand with custom food and beverage items. Branded food trucks are a perfect way to engage with customers in person and create multi-sensory experiences that leave lasting impressions.

Branded food trucks are an innovative platform in the experiential marketing playbook. Food always creates memorable moments and branded food trucks are an effective way to stimulate and engage different senses in order to create a positive impression with customers.

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Ways You Can Use a Branded Food Truck

Launch a new product or storefront location

Let consumers sample your brand or drive traffic to a new brick-and-mortar location with a branded food truck that entices multiple senses.

Utilize national holidays

National holidays means your brand can instantly generate a lot of attention. Your branded food truck can launch a multi-stop tour and reach even more consumers enjoying time-off.

Rebrand your image

Changing your logo? Updating your slogan? Branded food trucks featuring customized wrapping entice consumers to stop by and check out your new look.

Give back to your community

Foster meaningful relationships with consumers by giving back to those who support you. From fundraisers to community events, branded food trucks execute activations that spread your message and show your appreciation.

Five Thing to Know Before Booking a Branded Food Truck

1. Pricing Structure

Because of their customizable features, it’s important to consider the menu, cost per-person, and any additional services and fees (i.e. fabrication, staffing, interior experiences, etc.) that may be added on to the truck’s base price.

2. Location

Is your event on private property or will you be utilizing public space? Take into consideration various local and state regulations when it comes to permitting and parking.

3. The Food

Your menu should match who you are. Whether it’s made-to-order tacos or custom branded cupcakes, consider what you’re serving and how it aligns with your audience’s tastes and your event’s overall goals.

4. The Weather

Not many people want to eat ice cream in December and the same goes for a cup of hot chocolate in July. Weather will significantly impact what your branded food truck will serve.

5. Staffing

Successful branded food truck activations requires food safety certified chefs and serves, as well as brand ambassadors and truck drivers. The right experiential marketing agency can help you source and manage necessary staff.

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Insights/Tips for experiential vehicle marketing:

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    Permitting and parking regulations to activate experiential vehicles vary from city to city.

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    Consider hiring brand ambassadors for your marketing activation, as they play a vital role in direct engagement between your brand and consumers.

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    Consider the necessary Department of Health regulations and general vendor license/ permits required, which also vary from city to city.

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    Capitalize on the power of branded swag giveaways (T-shirts, food/beverage, water bottles, etc.) to build excitement and leave lasting impressions.

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    Consider equipment required on the vehicle to ensure it is compatible with the power supply.

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    Leverage social media and digital integrations to drive buzz surrounding your campaign.

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    Implement crowd controlling measures to ensure your activation doesn’t violate pedestrian egress standards.

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    Consider the type of item being served from experiential vehicle to expedite service and reach the most customers (made to order sandwiches vs. cup of coffee).

Our Branded Food Trucks Create Exciting Experiences

Go Mobile and Get Moving with Branded Food Trucks

In today’s hyper-competitive experiential marketing landscape, making a lasting impression that matters more important than ever before. Branded food trucks allow you to break through the four walls of your brick-and-mortar business by taking your brand on the road and treat consumers to a mouthwatering multi-sensory experience. With one-of-a-kind promotions, your brand has the ability to directly engage with your target audience through exciting experiences that are sure to transfer into memorable moments and build customer loyalty

Branded food trucks are a mobile experiential marketing platform that promotes targeted emotional engagement through multi-sensory experiences designed to make an impact and influence positive, meaningful connections. Branded food trucks provide the kind unique access to their target audience they can’t get from traditional marketing activations. And, in today’s competitive marketing landscape, branded food trucks can significantly boost engagements and impressions online, giving you the edge on driving the conversation while satisfying customers’ appetites.

Branded Food Truck Promotions usually start at $15k but can raise in price depending on the customizations, signage, brand ambassadors, and scope.

Food Truck Promotions works all across the United States of America. Our four offices make activations all over the U.S possible. Food Truck Promotions can operate in New York City, Chicago, Los Angeles, Miami, San Francisco, Boston, Washington D.C, New Jersey, Philadelphia, Seattle, Baltimore, Pittsburgh, St. Louis, Denver, Houston, Dallas, Austin, San Antonio, Atlanta, New Orleans, Minneapolis, and San Diego. If you don't see your city, please drop us a link and we'll see what we can do!